We know the boys have changed a lot lookswise, but hey,
we like it the old way better

here's that quiz I made that you've been hearing about

You know what sucks!? People are so desensitized to these stupid
banner ads that our cool one is going completely unnoticed. Really,
you guys should look at the banner (look at the bottom)

for bec

HEY YO! Smart people! We just have to mention that we are in NO WAY
affiliated w/ the band, nor have we ever said we were. Hellooooo. Sure
everybody likes to make fun of themselves, but hey, this is us doing it, not
them. We've never even met them or anything. Maybe one day they can see this
site and appreciate it for the humor and good times that it is. Also, do not use
any of the artwork from this page on another page. All drawings are the property of
Boo Scoo Productions. If you rip us off, legal action will be taken, ho!

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