Using advanced technology, 6 years of college, and Diet Dr Pepper,
I made this highly accurate and scientific quiz. Enjoy!

1. What is your partner's idea of foreplay?
talking dirty and fondling
screw the forplay, let's get nekkid
licking and massaging
lots of tickling
he does a striptease
licking you all over and nipping at the sensitive spots

2. What is your ideal partner's body type?
pot bellies are hella sexy
scrawny, but twice as sexy
stocky but firm
you're not a real man unless you have love handles
twice the man, twice the fun

3. His thrusts are...
like buttah
like a pro
something you don't want to miss
wow! he puts his back into it

4. What does he do after sex?
cuddle and talk about it
tickle you
take a shower
tag team

5. Position
missionary, man on top
missionary, woman on top...don't forget the fuzzy handcuffs
you're the meat in the sandwich
hittin it from the back with occasional slaps to da ass saying "who's your daddy"
anything kinky
face to face, lying on your sides

6. What does he moan during sex?
faster, baby, faster
you like that?
oooh yeeeea
nothing, he just moans and grunts
who's your daddy?

7. Where would y'all get it on most often?
up up against the wall
on the kitchen counter
Burger King playplace
anywhere we'll fit
on the desk
in the bed

My sincere apologies to anyone who takes this quiz...and NSYNC
Special thanks to Chelle and Elley